Dear Friends,

Life is like a handmade Anatolian Rug woven with elbow grease. Like the knots in the wool, we weave our own pattern knot by knot with patience and hard efforts to achieve our individual goals. According to my experiences that I gained throughout my 50 years of business life, honesty and sedulity are the main keys to success in business. As an entrepreneur, I have been in many different industries and these two principals have always been my fellow travelers on the road to success.


Turkey has a big potential power derived from its young generation. Our young generation is like a waterfall and our main goal as businessmen should be to transform this potential power into kinetic energy by using our business investments as water turbines. For this reason we should make strategic decisions in investments by considering the global needs, market structures of different industries and supply demand equilibrium in order to open new doors to our young generation and smooth the way for them. We should increase our competitive power in global markets by using our resources efficiently and maximizing our quality standards.