BCF yarn which consists of 100% polypropylene is not an environmentally hazardous substance by considering the economic value of the waste PP and ease of recycling.

We operate at highest possible production efficiency with minimum waste thanks to our high-tec production plant. We work in cooperation with PP recycling plants who recycle waste PP for carpet and other plastic sectors.

Our products consist of consumables, raw materials which are delivered from suppliers. We are aware of the fact that cooperative efforts and management among suppliers and supply chain are essential to improve the consumer awareness. In line with this purpose we control the ingredients of purchased materials and control whether they include any environmentally hazardous substance. For example the masterbatch that we purchase from several suppliers are controlled in order to avoid the infiltration of heavy metals into our products.

We generate 4,3 MW of our power need on our trigeneration power plant. Our Trigeneration Energy Centre provides an efficient, greener, energy solution because it reduces the dependency on the National Grid to supply power. Our R&D activities on renewable energy is continuing.